About Us

About Us is an introduction to LIWANAG Herbals.

LIWANAG Herbals is about women’s organization promoting natural farming for healthy living and naturally grown. Because we need herbal plants to take regularly for food supplements to complete nutrients that the body needed. In addition, we need to take food supplements. Because food supplements complete nutrients that the body needed for the strong immune system.

Our main aim and aim are to provide a wide range of customers with products with first-class quality. Which are sound as well as provides a lasting cure to diseases and most enhance and add value to life. Please leave your details for Third Party Manufacturing or PCD Franchise.

Herbal products and supplements are intended to maintain health or treat health problems. This is because the FDA considers herbal supplements to be food, not drugs. An herbal supplement’s label can say how it might help, but it cannot claim to be a treatment for any disease or illness. Dietary supplements are not intended to treat, cure, or ease the effects of diseases.

All our herbs are grown and harvested on our own farms in the pristine and pure environment. Including the condition of the plant and the timing of harvest to ensure optimal potency. This produces herbs that are suited for use as supplements to enhance good health. Because it has essential nutrients. We ensures the highest quality herbs only for LIWANAG Herbals.

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