What are the benefits of Tawa-Tawa?

Tawa-tawa a local name in the Philippines, english name Snake Weed. It is consider as one of the folkloric treatment for dengue.

Tawa-tawa plant

The plant was able to promote cell production. It prevents platelet destruction.

The milky sap or latex of plant is highly toxic. In addition, it is an irritant to the skin.

The leaves and stems are most commonly used for tea.

These are the benefits of Tawa-tawa:

Lowers Blood Pressure – Tawa Tawa Tea lowers blood pressure by being an anti-diuretic agent.

Anti-diuretic – Tawa Tawa Tea is great for those who suffer from drinking too much coffee. This tea decreases urine output thus helping to prevent dehydration. Because it contains tannins and other compounds that reabsorb electrolytes.

GI Tract – Tawa Tawa Tea calms and soothes the GI tract and puts an end to diarrhea.

Relaxing Agent – Tawa Tawa Tea also helps to sooth away anxiety and stress.

Increases Platelet Production –  Tawa Tawa Tea boosts platelet production.

Dengue Fever – Tawa Tawa Tea can boost platelet production. It is important for treating Dengue Fever. But it should not be used for more than 24 hours.

Skin Problems – The fresh sap of the plant can be applied externally for treating wounds, boils, warts, etc.